Planning a trip to Downtown Willoughby?

Public Parking in Downtown Willoughby

  • Willoughby Municipal Courthouse
  • Willoughby City Hall
  • Willoughby Tech Center
  • Glenn Street next to Life Safety Enterprises
  • Todd Field


willoughby ghost walk

On the Willoughby Ghost Walk©, you will be entertained by your guide as they regale you with an enjoyable assortment of haunted tales, ghost stories, and interesting histories of the downtown Willoughby area. In addition, you will hear about some of the amazing unexplainable encounters experienced by our residents, shopkeepers, guests and guides during the Willoughby Ghost Walk©. Find out more here: 


Visit downtown Willoughby on your next trip! Here are some locations close to DTW!

Homestead House Bed and Breakfast


Northeast Ohio Bed and Breakfast
Willoughby’s Homestead House!

38111 West Spaulding St.
Willoughby, Ohio 44094
(440) 946-1902