Mistakes when using a digital multimeter. How to be safe?

Multimeter safety

Working with electricity is fraught with dangers and dangers. Especially for electricians, the risk is higher.

In this article, I share with you, Dangers of using a digital multimeter.

The digital multimeter is one of the most important tools in an electrician’s kit.

However, once you have a digital multimeter. So how to use this tool to both ensure safety and satisfy the job.

Here are some notes when you are using a digital multimeter:

1.Have you have chosen the right digital multimeter?

That is, your multimeter is rated for the voltage you’re planning to measure.

It could happen like this: One fine day, you were testing three-phase electrical equipment with voltage, the operations were correct, suddenly there was a clap of thunder. your multimeter will flash. Luckily you’re okay, but your watch is broken. You are very surprised. But that is overvoltage transients.

Transient voltage is a sudden change in the voltage of the electrical system, due to:

The lightning spread.

Internal voltage transitions: such as switching devices such as motors, circuit breakers, transformers, or a sudden load change that changes voltage in a short time.

therefore, manufacturers have produced multimeters that comply with the following two criteria: voltage level and queue rating.

  • Voltage level: Probes and meter withstand the voltage to be measured.
  • Rated rating: Probes and meters withstand voltage transients for a given time.

The gauges are evaluated by CAT rankings (CAT II, CAT III, CAT IV).


  • Three-phase at utility connection, any outdoor conductors
  • Limited only by the utility transformer feeding the circuit
  • ›› 50 kA short circuit current


  • Three-phase distribution, including single-phase commercial lighting
  • ‹50 kA short circuit current


  • Single-phase receptacle connected loads.
  • ‹10 kA short circuit current.

The CAT position seen on the meter is located near the probe plug.

Or you can take a look: the best multimeter that works for you.


2. Are your probes and watches still secured?

For electricians, insulation equipment is always important: insulating pliers, insulating screwdrivers, insulating mats, insulating gloves, insulating shoes … when performing power supply operations.

So is the multimeter, the test lead and the meter must be secure in use.

You must visually check whether the conductor or meter has external damage (physical damage):

  • Is the probe wire scratched?
  • Is the probe protector cracked?
  • the meter is broken?
  • Is the display normal?
  • Is the connector between the meter and test wire loose?

No physical damage was found after an inspection. Continue to check if your watch is working:

Test the resistance (Ω): you take any resistor you know (100Ω) and turn on the correct Ω scale to see how much it is, can give such an approximate value as well.

Similar check voltage and current: including AC and DC, but you must switch its correct scale.

Risks are present during electrical testing, so make sure your multimeter is always best.

3.Is this mistake on your own?

  • Measure the voltage but the scale on the meter is still in the Ω position: damage the meter.
  • This is actually the case most often you pay attention to.
  • Your watch broke the fuse in the past, and you replaced it with another one. its example is exactly 10A but you replace only 2A only. It will not be enough capacity.
  • Have you ever been measuring Current (A) that you passed to measure voltage (V) yet? Remember to move the scale from A to V and switch the jack properly.


Using electricity meters safely and effectively is a very essential skill.

Hopefully, this article can help you make better use of the digital multimeter.

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Top 5 Tips to Choose the Right Camping Tent in 2020

A good tent plays a very important role in outdoor excursions. If you are planning to go on a weekend trip, please refer to this article to share your experience choosing a tent.

Some of the typical effects a tourist tent can bring to you:

  • Rest after all day exploring, picnicking. Especially with long trips.
  • Help you get deep sleep after a tired day.
  • Prevent from rain, dust, dirt when a sudden rain comes.
  • Avoid the attacks of wild animals, and also insects, mosquitoes, centipedes …

5 Tips to Choose the Right Camping Tent

1. Consider the price that is appropriate

Good tents are often expensive, which everyone knows for sure. However, do you need to buy a tent at a hefty price? This depends on the situation of each person.

If you’re new to camping for the first time and aren’t sure if you will continue camping much in the near future, choose mid-range tents with average price and quality. With this tent, the ability to withstand rain and wind is not high, so you should not choose campsites with extreme weather conditions, wet, stormy.

After a while, if you want to stick with your camping hobby, you can consider selling old tents, buying better quality new tents. If you regret exchanging tents, for the first time you can borrow or rent a tent.

2. Tent size and weight

Each tourist tent clearly states that it is a tent for some people (2, 4, 6 …). However, the size of the tent is usually calculated to fit the human body to minimize the weight that a person must carry.

So, if you travel 2 people and choose tent type 2, you will certainly feel uncomfortable because the tent is not comfortable enough in both horizontal and vertical, not to mention backpacks, furniture. In fact, 4-person camping tents are suitable for only 2 adults and 2 children.

If your whole family or a large group of friends often travel together, you should consider buying a large family tent.

Also, remember that tent size is proportional to weight, so the bigger the tent, the heavier you have to carry.

3. Tent shape

Of the four basic types of tents are A-shaped tents, umbrella-shaped tents, dome-shaped tents, and walled tents, the A-shaped and umbrella-shaped tents are handy ones with a size that fits and is easier to remove and install.

4. Double layer tent or single layer?

Double-layer tents are thicker, have a waterproof layer, better rain protection but are heavy and suffocating if the weather is hot. The single-layer tent is poor in water resistance but is softer and more breathable. So, depending on the destination you choose to choose a single or double-layer tent.

5. Other factors

Check zippers and tent doors carefully before purchasing to ensure smooth zippers, tent doors and vents properly arranged on the tent, ensuring air exchange.

It is advisable to consult with friends who have experience before buying a tent. When you arrive at the store, ask the seller to open a tent for you to try. Before going on a picnic, you should open the tent to try and get used to it.

Final Words

Hopefully what I share in the article will help you choose a good cheap camping tent for a great experience on the trip.

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basic tricks for longboarding

the basic trick for longboarding


first steps on a longboard or in general in life they’re very important to know because they lay the basis for your fundamentals that you’re gonna grow upon and build into a magnificent pro longboarder

now we are gonna be telling you some different tricks that are gonna turn you from beginners to a professional

there are the ten essential tricks that will help you in your longboarding career like hobby habitats addiction

fun customs key to learning clusters stand up front foot goes back a little bit, your back foot gets in the front and then do much with your right foot

it is very important for cross-steps to look good that you use the carving, front foot goes back a little bit back foot gets in the front and then you much and again so learn this make it natural and then use it walk out of it

there’s pivot basically consists on your board spinning 180 degrees and you would do it nollie or you fakie and your backside or you do frontside just put your weight on the kick tail balance it out

so it doesn’t tip over and just boop-boop fall with your shoulders are the base of most of the tricks

and your shoulders torso follows legs follow it’s pretty easy stuff fun stuff

sometimes you’ll be like man Shabbats is such a big board how did you move it around very easy you start fakie that means I’m goofy so I go that way that means I’m going the other way

what is my back foot now is my front foot you put it on the tail it’s like if you want to do a pivot, you know when you peel up the previous trick, so do you do the whole fakie people and in the last moment you go back to your normal position

it’s very good if you start like kicking it and jumping earlier, it’ll be more like a shove it a little more like jumping and you know it’s easy it’s a trick that you don’t step off your board cool boom

Peter Pan trick

one of the very first tricks you should know is the Peter Pan which is a dancing maneuver that can make you look like you’re gliding right across the ground. Peter Pan is very simple

you’re gonna bring both your feet to the center of the board your feet are going to be pointing towards the nose of your board and you’re simply gonna alternate from crossing one foot over the other while stepping on two opposite sides of the rail this is gonna create a very flowy cool-looking carving sensation and it will feel pretty sweet

the key to learning this trick is to keep your head above your feet don’t lean forward don’t lean back because your balance is very fine

you know what’s next right


Tess go spread flip is probably the easiest way to do any sort of flip on your longboard

it doesn’t require you to know how to do a kickflip basically

all you’re doing is stepping off the board briefly with one step on the ground while flipping the board from underneath with your other foot that’s still floating in the air, you can blend this very easily with other dancing tricks and other dancing maneuvers. if you can get into a smooth line nobody will even complain that you put a foot on the ground when you flipped your board

it looks a little sketchy it’s a lot of commitment but it won’t you won’t get hurt you might fall but it just takes commitment

so let’s start the rotation here without putting Moffit slow

you look there and then you’re looking there and you just have to like keep looking at it it’s like my fit goes there once you get it, like that once you get it, like that it’ll be a lot easier to just come in and do the full spin without even looking at, it just focuses my feet goes there get it there you got it

old-school flip not my personal favorite, but it’s pretty fun and it’s basically putting your foot under the board and flipping it sideways

these are your feet and goes under and this little part of your shoe goes here and just it helps to jump sideways or worried the board is gonna end up okay

I called this one dragon tail cuz I don’t know the name and when I went to China that’s how they call it when they asked me to and to be honest is pretty badass right dragon tail so kick crap 90 from there is when your front foot gets off the board


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Top 5 Tips to Choose the Right Darts: Choose Your Best Darts

Top 5 Tips to Choose the Right Darts: Choose Your Best Darts

The right darts will give you the most interesting time to play this sport. Our 5 tips to choose the right darts will help you out!


Are you recently interested in playing darts, or do you want to buy some to put in your home? If you do not have experience then these 5 tips to choose the right darts may come in handy for you. Keep reading to check it out!


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Top 5 Tips to Choose Right Darts

 Tip 1: Choose the right materials

The higher price the materials, the more durable the barrels. There are three main materials used to make barrels with different prices, including tungsten, nickel, and brass.

Tungsten is chosen by many professionals because it is a dense metal so the darts can be smaller and easier to control. In contrast, Brass is the cheapest material. Darts that are made from this material often depress most people when holding them because they are bigger.

 Tip 2: Choose the right tip darts

Before buying darts, you need to ask yourself if you like to play darts on bristle, electronic or flexible dartboards. There are two kinds of tip darts, steel and soft. Soft tip darts can be used in all kinds of dartboards, but it will be a great match with the plastic one. Steel tip darts are usually used with bristle dartboards, cork, and paper.


Tip 3: The barrels

This might be the most important part of a dart. You can imagine it like “the body of the dart”. Its weight can make the darts go higher or lower. If you feel like the darts always go lower than where you aim, then you will need a lighter one. And if it always goes higher than you aim, then a heavier one will be what you need.

 Tip 4: Dart flights

Dart flights are important because the right dart flights will keep your darts stable on their ways to the dartboard. There are a few things to be concerned about, but the most important ones are the size and the materials.

Bigger and heavier darts need bigger flights and vice versa. Nylon flights can perform differently compared to dense plastic flights. Nylon flights are used by many people because they are the most durable ones. Harder flights are stiff but you cannot fix them when they are broken.

 Tip 5: Your budget

You should care about the prices of the darts to make it the best fit for your budget, and the best fit for your intention of playing darts. If you just feel like you are interested in playing dart without any future professional plan or the real desire, then the cheaper ones will be better.

Many people buy new darts and get bored after a few days or weeks, so you can test yourself by playing the cheaper ones for a while to know more about your feeling toward this sport. After playing it for a while, if you feel like your heart is really into it then you can upgrade to the professional ones.

The prices of darts can be as little as $30.00 or smaller and can be as much as $200.00 or more. Make sure that the one you choose is a good fit for your budget.


Above are 5 tips to choose the right darts. Those tips will help you find the most suitable darts. It is recommended that you pay attention to all parts of the darts listed above.



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Live in Downtown Willoughby

Willoughby as a whole offers a great place for people to live. You can get a taste of the lakefront, a downtown lifestyle, the suburbs, or even find a place with a little bit of land and privacy.

If you are raising a family, the school systems in the area are ranked highly, and over the next few years new schools will be built or renovated to improve the learning atmosphere for students. Andrews-Osborne Academy offers a different option if you are looking for a private school, and the Fine Arts Association offers ways for kids to expand upon their artistic abilities.

For those that have retired or had the kids fly the nest, there are many new homes and living spaces that allow you to downsize.

Up and coming young millennials or professionals looking to live near a downtown community Willoughby offers one of the most unique downtowns in Northeast Ohio.

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